Alberto's Most Incomplete, Undocumented and Badly Coded
Stars! Mapper, Analyzer and Simulator

(called "StarAna", as in STARs! ANAlyzer, by friends)

Welcome to the web page dedicated to my program, you can browse here the documentation of the program as well as see some screenshots of from it. If you want to download it keep in mind that the program is not meant for "total newbies", but anyone able to play as complex as Stars! should be able to use without difficulty the current version.

The title says version 0.3, but in fact the current version is 0.2f16, which is a preliminary 0.3. As soon as the packeting/gating/boming forms are activated I'll pass to 0.3 proper.

Late breaking bad news! The "new starana" project is very very probably dead. Dirk Thierbach doesn't have time to devolve on it, and neither do I. Also, the little time I have I prefer to spend coding for Stellar Legacy, the open-source Stars!-clone project, which (I think) is much more interesting.

Version 0.2 is still available here.

The program now includes several nice features, like ability to slurp directly the report generated by Stars patch 'i' (you need to use a perl script for older patches). It also has a nice window-based interface with big friendly buttons. The windows 95 version was built using Cygwin Project environment: this requires you to install a X server on your your system. A very complete list of X servers for win95 can be found at, just check the section on "X/Motif for Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, and other OSs". Personally, I use the demo version of Xwin-32, which is sufficient to use the program. (Yes, I know, in order to download the demo version they'll ask you to give some info, annoying, but the other companies asked more...some even marked as "required" the phone number! :).

You can have a look at a [screenshot] (made under linux, on windows 95 it's slightly different), and also a description of the various windows used by the program: main display window, race report windows, general view selection, planet status + misc.

Read the documentation online:

...or download the latest 'stable' packages. Do not be scared by "mismatching" version numbers, if it was not updated it means it has not changed. You can download either the complete one...

...or the components separately...

...or check the developement directory to get/see/browse the latest developement version.

You can also see the example master file which is included with the documentation, the only stuff you need to type in to be able to use the program. If you want to use the additional special effects for object production / full fleet management have a look at the complex master file to see what you need to type in.

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